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Media and Society

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the purpose of my blog space
The main reason for setting up my blog site is to have space in which to talk about media asnd society. In this space, I welcome all to contribute and along with my contributors intend that matters relating to media and its significance in our society will be discussed and examined. This space is intended to provide a networking opportunity for both media professionals and non-professionals to share ideas and opinions, talk about developments, innovations, and learn more about the world of media and communications around us. It is only through sharing in this way that we can continue to gain a better understanding of the significance of this institution.

so what can you expect in my blog space?
Discussions can relate to any matters concerning media and society. However, there will be a particular focus on social media and its role in society, scrutinising both the social context of this form of communication as well as the dynamics of the components that enable this to be operable. So lets get talking... click on this link or the one at the top of this page to go straight to my blog.

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